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Hangzhou Qian Yun Clothing Co., Ltd is located in Xiaoshan District, New Town Industrial Park. Founded in 2003, formerly known as Albert beaded embroidery factory, the main lady knitted jacket, dresses, children's clothing and all kinds of ladies fashion models, popular in many countries the United States, Japan, Italy and so on. 2007 allowed the formation of Hangzhou 1000 Clothing Co., I always put "innovation, quality, reputation, service" as a corporate purposes. After three years of hard work and innovation, and in 2009 a record 15 million yuan in output value, and always put "the development of enterprises, contributing to society" as a corporate business philosophy, the "self-confidence, harmony, pragmatic and progressive" as a lofty spirit of enterprise . Adhere to the "science and technology, trade as a leader, to ensure the quality and efficiency as the fundamental" business principles, corporate restructuring opportunities, there are plans to carry out technological transformation, and strive to do fine main industry, expand trade, open up markets, the development of the final product, so that the economic and technical indicators have greatly improved, to the domestic counterparts forefront. Hangzhou 1000 Yun Clothing Co., Ltd warmly welcome to visit, study, business negotiations.

Brand introduction
One thousand Yun apparel company's "Amy child", "Angel Lin" brand services in the 25-40-year-old knowledge-based, cultural, note connotation all beautiful, refined women groups.
Brand spirit: easy to create and share elegant, high-quality everyday dress;
Convey purpose: the quality of our dress will light shift Mohua change people; the use of pleasure, distinctive bright colors, casual interpretation of the match, with natural and comfortable material, fashion and establish silhouette with affinity, the concept of relaxed elegance penetrate into the city's daily life.
Consumer groups: meet unexpectedly encounter any in the city life, like to enjoy consumer goods, and positive and optimistic to expect the state to change the dress code, to share the fun of city life women, regardless of age we guide the trend. Create a lifestyle associated with the public.

Hangzhou Qianyun Clothing

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